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Residential Services

Dedicated to caring for your home as lovingly as you do
Excellence Guaranteed

Husband & Wife Owned and Operated

Licensed, Bonded and Insured 

How can we assist you?

We are a whole home concierge company dedicated to making your home as stress free for you as possible. From interior cleaning to outside visual checks, we are at your service.

Whether you are home or away frequently, we offer custom made packages to give you piece of mind on home care, cleaning and upkeep.


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Here are just some of the residential services we offer...

Exterior Property Checks
Cleaning Services
Interior Property Checks

Check Interior for Potential Damages, Tampering, or Vandalism


Doors and Windows  Secure and Safe

Check Doors and Windows for Visible Separation, Cracks and Leaks


Check Under & Around All Sinks and Cabinets For Visible Leaks

Appliances in Working Order & Visible Leak Check

Toilets Flushed With Leak Check

Run All Faucets, Tubs, Showers With Visible Leak and Clog Check


Garage Door(s) Proper Operation and Safety

Start Any Vehicles on Property 

Check House Lights

Visible Surfaces Mold Check

Outlets Voltage Test

Visual Check of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Visible Services Pest Inspection

Water Heater Check for Functioning Pilot Light and Visible Leaks

Thermostats Set To Desired Temperature

Private Residence, Vacation Homes &

Airbnb Interior Cleaning Services

Standard Cleanings Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Services

Deep Cleaning Services with Interior Oven Cleaning


Weekly Trash Rollout & Retrieval

Welcome Home Concierge Services

Additional Services Upon Request

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Property Perimeter Survey

Proper Drainage

Ensure Exterior Meets HOA Standards

Property Debris Check

Keep Property Free From Flyers, Papers, etc. That Signal Prolonged Absence


Check for Signs of Forced Entry, Vandalism or Tampering

Check Windows and Doors for Security and Cracking

Check Exterior Home for Damage (i.e., stucco, brick, etc.) 

Mail Retrieval

Exterior Lights in Working Order

Visual Check for Unwanted Pest Infestations

Outside Weather Protection, If Required

Outdoor Water Valves Cleared Out

Visual Leak Check

Exterior Refrigerator/ Freezer in Working Order & Leak Check

Exterior Outlet Voltage Tests Conducted

Quality Check on Routine Pool Services, Landscaping Crews, etc.

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